Create, market and deliver

Our marketing services now extend to supplying, organising and managing the very best in web based seminars, otherwise known as webinars. Unlike other webinar companies, we also help you market the webinar using our industry specific databases. Specialising in the Compound Semiconductor, Silicon Semiconductor, Solar PV, Power Electronics, Photonics, Sensors, Transportation and IT fields we have the knowledge and contacts to make your webinar a success.

Webinar Experts

Web based seminars are a great way of creating new prospects..

Digital Marketing

We use our portfolio of websites and email newsletters to promote your webinar.

Print Marketing

We use our portfolio of printed magazines to promote your webinar.

Offer Live Online Events

A live or pre-recorded presentation with a live Q&A session between the speaker, audience and moderator.

On-demand and Catchup

Once the live webinar is finished, we continue to get you leads by hosting the webinar on our servers.

Expert Moderator

We can also provide the webinar moderator, from our team of highly respected editors and researchers.

Lead Generation

Generate and mature GDPR compliant leads through the use of Angel's Webinars.

Use Angel's dedicated industry databases as well as your own to achieve a good number of quality leads which you can then analyse, qualify, and understand their buying behaviour