Expert Moderators

Phil Alsop - Data Centres, Digitalisation

Phil has launched a variety of magazines in the water and IT sectors, including Water Active, Buses + Boards Europe, VITAlink, Industrial Networking + Open Control, Fibre Channel Focus and Data Centre Solutions.

Harnessing almost 20 years’ experience writing about storage networks, data centres, and the wider IT world, Phil has recently helped to launch Angel Business Communications’ Digitalisation World publishing platform, which covers digital magazines and newsletters, podcasts and video content. Current areas of focus include intelligent automation, DevOps, Big Data and analytics, alongside the IT staples of┬ácomputing, networks and storage.

Mark Andrews - Silicon Semiconductors, Power Electronics, Solar, Photonics, Sensors

Mark Andrews is technical editor of Silicon Semiconductor, PIC Magazine, Solar+Power Management, and Power Electronics World. Prior to joining Angel Business Communications in 2014 he was strategic marketing manager for TriQuint (now Qorvo). His experience focuses on RF and photonic solutions for infrastructure, mobile device, aerospace, aviation and defence industries.

Jackie Cannon - Silicon Semiconductors, Power Electronics, Solar, Photonics, Sensors

Jackie Cannon, Director of Solar/IC Publishing, has over 15 years’ professional experience providing comprehensive coverage of the Solar, Silicon and Power Electronics industries, and can offer expertise and guidance in both moderating and fielding questions for your webinar.

Dr Richard Stevenson - Compound Semiconductor

Richard Stevenson is a seasoned science and technology journalist with valuable experience in industry and academia. For almost a decade, he has been the editor of Compound Semiconductor magazine, as well as the programme manager for the Compound Semiconductor International conference. Before holding these roles, he worked as the Features Editor for Compound Semiconductor magazine, and prior to that, as a process engineer for the international epiwafer supplier, IQE. Stevenson began his career in academia, as a post-doctoral research fellow at Cambridge University, investing the optical and electrical properties of semiconducting polymers. He holds a PhD from Cambridge for his thesis Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) of semiconducting nanostructures, and has a Master of Physics degree from the University of Southampton. He is a member of the Institute of Physics and a Chartered Scientist.

Technical Expertise

Scott Adams

As Multimedia Director, Scott has over seen many Angel Webinars and will give advice on marketing structure, editorial, advertising elements and analysis.