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From the people that brought you 3PAR – meet CLOUD-DEFINED STORAGE: Say goodbye to traditional storage and hello to a new server based, cloud-managed approach

Be one of the first to learn about this revolutionary approach, which gives enterprises an alternative to restrictive & expensive storage solutions with an API first approach to storage.

Cloud-defined storage is a flexible, on-prem and server-based enterprise-class storage solution that is defined and managed through the cloud. CDS consumes no server CPU or memory resources, but you still get all of the features of enterprise storage without the expense or footprint. The icing on the cake? You manage it, and the rest of your infrastructure, through the cloud, providing you with insights, self-managed updates and powerful programmability at any scale.

Reserve your spot for this exclusive event to learn how to make your deployment simple from day 1 all the way to day 1000.

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Tiny PICs with Huge Impact: Meeting the Challenges of Photonic Integrated Circuits testing for next-generation networks

In this webinar, discover how the collaborative EXFO, HPE, and MPI PIC testing solution addresses market challenges, making wafer testing faster, scalable, and more reliable, ultimately improving speed-to-market for component manufacturers. This topic shines a light on photonic wafers as critical building blocks for next-generation networks, laying the groundwork for 5G deployment and high-speed data centers.

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On-Site Hydrogen Production Improves Safety, Quality, and Productivity in Wafer, Chip and Semiconductor Manufacturing

The webinar, presented by Tom Skoczylas in USA & Europe and by Luc Zhu, Chief Representative in China will cover Annealing, Epitaxy, Deposition, Stabilizing, and Lithography, includes a 20 minute Live Q&A session.

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Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits: A Modular Concept Towards a Fully Automated Process

On Jun 9th 2020 Physik Instrumente and Tegema hosted a live webinar in association with PIC Magazine, focusing on Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits.

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Delivering Resilience and Uptime at the Edge

Edge computing has quickly emerged as one of the top data centre trends, and we only see this pattern accelerating as the need for high-speed connectivity increases over the next 10 years. Edge, mobile edge and fog computing are being utilised to speed content delivery, improve services and localise analytics. However, these distributed and remote locations, often with no local IT support, produce additional challenges for the data centre and IT teams as they seek to ensure a seamless, always-on application service, whatever the infrastructure and wherever the data resides.

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Considerations for Thin Film Deposition in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing

Compound semiconductor materials are used in a wide range of current and emerging applications including LEDs, laser diodes, IR detectors, RF filters, RF power amplifiers, supercomputing and quantum dots. These applications cover a wide range of device complexity and production levels. However, for thin film deposition there are a number of common considerations. In this webinar, process and equipment engineers at compound semi manufacturers will discover how a customizable turnkey thin film deposition solution will deliver the consistency and reliability that their applications demand, while providing a lower cost of ownership. The right solution should be enhanced with in-situ controls to ensure production process control and efficiency when manufacturing compound semiconductor devices, especially at large volumes requiring high throughput.

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What implications does RESS have for the solar industry in Ireland

The Irish Government through DCCAE, have published its consultation on the design of the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) in Ireland to encourage sufficient levels of renewable energy and meet national and EU targets.

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