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WorkCast customers utilise the Platform for both internal and external event communications providing online event management, branding, scalability and security not available in standard web conferencing or video conferencing tools.

We are the market leader in Online Event Software and it's not just us who thinks so. The top brands choose us because we offer a product that makes their content and brand shine. Add to this the fact that there's no limit to the variety of Online Event that is possible with the platform, and you know you're in the right place.

At WorkCast, your Online Event success is our priority. That's why we strive to make sure our software always meets your event's needs. Our founding principles are Your Content, Your Brand, No Risk. That's it, there are no hidden 'ands' or 'buts'. So, whether you want to run a series of webinars, a multi-sessional Virtual Open Day or host a web conference (or any type of event in-between!) you can be sure the WorkCast Platform has your event needs covered.

Just some of the event types that have been built in the platform are:

   • Webinars
   • Webcasts
   • Virtual Events
   • Virtual Open Days & Job Fairs
   • Online CPD Knowledge Share
   • Digital Summit
   • Executive Broadcasts

There's really no limit to the WorkCast Platform's Online Event capabilities!

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Webinar Experts

Web based seminars are a great way of creating new prospects, and converting existing prospects to paying customers.

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Email Marketing

Introduce your business or brand to more people interested in what you do, with our targeted email marketing add-on.

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Newsletter design

We can design a newsletter that advertises your event, that you can share with your existing customers and prospects.

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Advertising banners

Designing a perfect advertising banner for making people aware of your event has never been easier, as we can do it for you.

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Survey solutions

Either before or after your event we can supply a custom survey to get feedback and opinions from your prospects.

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Package Deals

Experience the very best results for your web seminar with an all inclusive marketing package to suit you.

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