Our services

Feedback Surveys

Optionally, we can supply a branded survey aimed at capturing the views of your prospects before or after your webinar event.

Whilst this data has a value of it's own, it can also be an opportunity to convert further prospects.

The questions that you ask can be virtually anything and can incorporate:

   • Drop downs
   • Single choice
   • Multi choice
   • Yes / No
   • Ratings
   • Plus more

We can also use our experience of creating over 100 surveys for large companies, and help you construct your questions and answers. Get a quote now

Webinar Experts

Web based seminars are a great way of creating new prospects, and converting existing prospects to paying customers.

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Email Marketing

Introduce your business or brand to more people interested in what you do, with our targeted email marketing add-on.

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Newsletter design

We can design a newsletter that advertises your event, that you can share with your existing customers and prospects.

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Advertising banners

Designing a perfect advertising banner for making people aware of your event has never been easier, as we can do it for you.

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Survey solutions

Either before or after your event we can supply a custom survey to get feedback and opinions from your prospects.

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Package Deals

Experience the very best results for your web seminar with an all inclusive marketing package to suit you.

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